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Shiny Objects

June 8, 2020

I think of how we have come so far to find ourselves so far behind. When I was a child there was nothing greater than the freedoms and a liberties that were insured by those that came before me. I know this may seem like something said in breathy tones or at some type of memorial service. But I did believe and still believe that our country has an amazing future.

When I look around and see those around me faltering and failing in their faith that our country has an amazing place and it will be the place for the future. I know that in the news I know that in the rumors people have doubts. We can make our daily lives what we want them to be if we first believe in us We The People. I have watched countries like Malaysia, India, China, Russia, and in most parts of Europe come together in mass to celebrate America.

These are the days that will try those that are weak and give doubt to those that are strong. We cannot look to others to build bravery and strength inside of ourselves. We must find those things and build those things inside of each of us. We have an amazing future and amazing country to build that future upon. We must fight against the evil that does not want this country or you to succeed.

Today is the day where everything starts. I know what the news says, I know what the media wants you to know, but we know that it is false we know that it is fake and we know that they have all lied to you and I for decades. Do not look to the shiny objects for your answers, but look to yourself and understand that small still voice inside of you is God speaking to you and each and every day do not hesitate to believe that we will win.

So hold fast.

Hold strong.

Hold the line.

Do not give up.

Do not give in.

We will win.

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That's great, Jim! Thank you for your encouraging words at a bizarre moment like this.

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